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4 Effective Home Remedies to Treat Canine Constipation

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Constipation can occur in dogs as much as in humans. If your puppy could speak human language, it would surely tell you how uncomfortable it feels to have something packed up in its rear. It is natural for a puppy to get constipated, but that doesn’t mean it has to live with it.

Fortunately, there are many home remedies that can help get things moving in your puppy’s intestines and make it feel much better within no time. However, consult your vet before giving your poochie any new food item or a combination of food items, even if it is made at home.

Contact your vet, seek their approval, and meet them in the office if required to remedy your pet’s distress. However, consider purchasing pet insurance for dogs so getting medical help is not as financially burdening.

Dog insurance helps support a canine fur baby with timely health care during accidental injuries, sickness, medical emergencies, and much more depending on the level of cover chosen. Contemplate signing up for a policy, so your pet can get the treatment it deserves in needy times of health with little economic trouble. 

Meanwhile, try the below tips to help restore normal bowel movements in your distressed pup.

You can help your furry baby pass stools without the aid of medications. Certain home remedies can strengthen your puppy’s digestion, enhance bowel movement, and help restore the poop cycle. Check out the tips below and consider implementing one or more on your pup. However, remember that every pup is an individual; what works for one fur baby may not work for another.

#1 Physical activity and freshwater

For the sake of digestive health and overall wellbeing, your puppy should get moving. Daily exercise can promote bowel movement (unless it is a case of severe dehydration) and helps push the stools through the colon. 

Regular walks and zoomies can help avoid many health problems, so you should not skip them. Also, provide your furry companion with plenty of fresh water to drink so there is enough water for the smooth functioning of the body.

It is worth noting that water helps avoid and cure constipation issues.

#2 Add fiber to the diet

Add canned food, pureed veggies, steamed green leafy vegetables, cooked grains, coconut oil, and fruits to your dog’s diet. This addition can make a significant difference to your pooch’s bowel health, and you may be surprised to see a more cheerful pet.

#3 Probiotics and digestive supplements

Discuss with your vet the effective digestive enzymes and probiotics that can be added to your pupper’s meals to relieve its discomfort due to indigestion. Using these products, you can help restore the depleted gut microbiome, flora, and colon function.

#4 Canned food and soups

If you have been feeding your pet more dry kibble, it may be time to switch to wet food until the digestive disruption is resolved. Chicken and beef broth with a bit of ginger can help keep the fluids flowing in the intestines and push the waste out of the intestines.

Try these hacks, and seek medical assistance if nothing seems to work. Medications may be suggested for a short duration until things return to normal. Dog insurance can cover your four paws’ medical care during non routine vet visits for a health reason like this and many others. 

With pet insurance for dogs you will not need to take on the entire financial stress to get your pet necessary treatments during distressing health scenarios and emergencies.

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