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Checkpoints for Introducing Solar energy in Pakistan.

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We will introduce the benefits of introducing solar power generation and the points you want to consider before submitting It Solar energy in Pakistan is a long-term system that can be used for decades. Let’s devise a plan by holding down the points to be confirmed in advance.

There are Many Benefits to Introducing.

Many benefits come from installing solar power. First, it is highly effective in saving electricity, leading to significant savings in utility bills. You can also earn money by selling electricity. Since electricity can be used even during sudden power outages, more and more people are considering introducing it as a disaster countermeasure.

Installing solar panels on the roof also provides insulation. By reducing the influence of the outside air, the amount of air conditioning used will be diminished, which will also have the advantage of saving electricity.

Points to Be Considered

Despite the many benefits of solar power, there are some things to consider. First of all, it will be expensive to install. However, we use electricity every day. It is better to consider it an “investment” because it can be recovered in the long run by saving utility costs and selling electricity.

It is assumed that solar modules rarely fail. Previously, the manufacturer’s warranty period was ten years, but as of April 2020, many manufacturers have extended the warranty period to 25 years. However, there are cases where even minor damage can lead to the failure of the entire system. It will last longer if you keep up with regular maintenance.

Points for Retrofitting

Here are some things to remember when installing solar panels on your existing home. Knowing this in advance will help you avoid mistakes. In particular, construction costs can be reduced by repairing the roof in advance, and problems such as rain leaks can be avoided.

Preliminary Roof Repair

If you want to install solar panels as a retrofit, repair the roof in advance. If you install the board before repairing it, you will have to remove it again when you improve it later. There will also be construction costs.

Also, depending on the roof’s state, there are cases where the installation of the panel causes a leak. Depending on the age of the building, the burden on the top will increase. By repairing the ceiling first, you don’t have to worry about that. It is recommended if you are a contractor who undertakes everything from panel installation to renovation because you can do construction all at once.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when introducing a product, such as installation conditions, warranty period, and maintenance service.

Securing Installation Locations for Peripheral Equipment

Solar power systems are not limited to roof panels. A power conditioner is also required to convert the electricity generated by the sun into electricity that can be used at home. Depending on the situation of the house, it is necessary to choose between the outdoor and indoor types.

Since the shape of the distribution board will also change, it may be necessary to change the current location. It is essential to check the installation location of each device.


Solar panels can be installed on roofs of any shape. In the introduction, it is also essential to check the area and material of the top of the home. In the case of retrofitting, consider repairing the top and the installation location of peripheral equipment.

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