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Descriptive Essay On My Pet Dog? 981 Words

by oliviaanderson
Descriptive Essay on my pet dog

Are you also one of those who loves their pets like children? Don’t worry everyone loves their animals like that. We know you are unable to put your love into words. But we have one good solution for you. If you are finding it difficult to write a descriptive essay on your pet dog, you can consider using an essay service. This example of pet dog’s love will entertain you as well as give you few pointers to start with. Read till end to find out more about this option.

Descriptive Essay On My Pet Dog

 Many people have different passions that they followed or like to follow. One thing that is found to be common among all of us is having compassion and love for animals. Whether we see a squirrel or a bird on a tree or experience the jungle safari.

Each of these actions brought us closer to nature and the animals living in these natural habitats. Similarly reading and writing a descriptive essay give the same feelings if it is about animals. My passion for composing the description essay brought me closer to one animal and that’s a dog.

As a writer, I have to spend all day writing about different things and mostly from my own perspective. Sometimes feeling of having perfect essay writing skills seems insufficient for describing my love for my pet dog.

Due to having been busy all the time in creative writing. I decided to buy a Labrador Retriever last year. I went to many pet shops in my area but deciding on a specific breed always keep me on a fence.

On the other hand, seeing the cute eyes of all the puppies forces me to take all of them home. Which of course was not possible. Somehow I was more nervous about me being responsible enough for taking care of a pet.

But anyway I did bring a Labrador Retriever to my home. I had given him the name “Tommy”. My dog Tommy is brown in color and has long coat fur on his skin. He is such a thing of beauty, and when I brought him home, he was only 3 months old.

My dog Tommy has the habit of drinking milk due to spending the first three months in a shelter home. Therefore, buying milk boxes for him seems like a routine. As a new dog owner of a Labrador Retriever, I was quite nervous about which steps to follow.

Before buying my pet dog, all the guidelines I read had all the basic information and how before making the final step. Seeing so many website blogs and even buying a few books I knew I will be in trouble.

But after having my first dog at my home it was just like taking care of yourself or any other thing closer to you. Making arrangements for his bath was a bit headache at the start as dogs have a tendency of running away from water.

My Labrador Tommy is so humble that he stays in the tub until I had to put him out of it myself. He enjoys being in the water and enjoys jumping in the pool. If it’s up to him he would not come out of the pool all day.

In the evening when it’s my time for a jog he loves to go out with me. Running along with me in the park is his favorite activity. He jumps, runs and follows me, and plays Frisbee. Of all the things he loves, this is by far his favorite one

My dog’s food liking habits are one of a kind. He loves to eat Italian cheese pizza. A large-size pizza that has enormous 10 slices can be easily eaten by him. Besides the Italian cheese pizza, he loves to have chocolate-vanilla ice cream.

After finishing my job and starting to come back home, we stopped at the gelato shop and ordered 3 large scoops. For Tommy having an ice cream after the walk is a must.

Once he has eaten something from the park and got sick due to food poisoning. I got so worried and took him to the hospital. I spent that entire day at the veterinary clinic. But luckily my dog Tommy recovered in a few hours.

Since that incident, I’m being cautious all the time. Taking care of my dog is not that difficult but sometimes animals do get sick and always have some remedy at home for such cases.

Tommy is so cute and playful and likes to play with my friends also. Whenever we have a gathering at home with friends, Tommy gets along with all of my friends quite easily. He even understands their signals as well and responds accordingly.

Once I had taken Tommy on a trail hike and unfortunately, I fell between the space of rocks. I was unable to get out but Tommy started barking loudly and as a result, got the attention of some local hikers nearby. I was able to get help at the right time due to my pet dog.

I never think I will ever love anything as much as I love my dog, Tommy. Because my dog is the most beautiful animal in the world. Tommy has helped me when I needed the help most. Tommy is not just an animal for me, he’s my family and I will continue loving him forever.


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