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How Can I Package My Candles Perfectly?

by oliviaanderson

Not only candles but the quality of any product is also shown by its packaging. If the packaging is low, how would you consider the protection-lasting? That may sound like a little thing but it can create an amazing impression in front of customers. Yet many businessmen consider packaging a burden. If you are from one of them then you are mistaken. 

Selling candles is a very good idea. It is widely used in both; Asian and non-Asian countries. The trend of it is never going to last but when it comes to packaging, it is a little bit difficult task. Because candles are made for a specific atmosphere. If you do not take care of it, it will be ruined. In this article, you will find the perfect ways to pack the candles and deliver them safely.

4 ways to pack the candles properly 

Packaging is important as the candle itself, it is essential to deliver good packaging that will protect and support the product. Here are the 4 ways to pack the candles properly.

 Protect Your Candles

If you’re shipping loose candles, additional precautions are necessary. Things would be different if you are shipping loose candles. Now, it is necessary to add precautions. Either you can wrap candles separately with bubble wrap or tissue paper to dissuade them from melting. Or you can wrap the candle together so they don’t shake each other. You don’t want to deliver broken candles to the customers, right? In that case, it is important to take care of protection, especially in the candles.

Presentation is everything in packaging.

You must have heard that the first impression is the last. It also applies to packaging. If the product doesn’t look attractive, how would the customer adore them? Something to decorate your packaging like using ribbons, glitters, or design the perfect candle box.

Additionally, you can use stickers inside and outside of the packaging that makes the box stunning. Don’t forget to use the labels and care instructions in the box. That will teach the consumers how to take care of candles properly. On one hand, it will increase the lifespan of a product. On the other hand, it will promote your brand and make customers think about how much you take care of them.

Choose the correct Box for candles

In candles, it is important to select the box properly. The box itself is fragile and cannot give support to candles. When you ship the product, it is your responsibility to safely deliver it to the buyers. Although there are many boxes available that are suitable for candles. If your candles are surrounded by glass, use the corrugated box as it is ideal for support. Or if there is a space between the box and candles then use the USPS so the candles won’t shake here and there.

Make sure to maintain a space between the box and candles which you can use for bubble wrap. Additionally, some people put the label out of the box on their fragile items. That anticipates the shipper that the item held in the box is fragile so they take care of it extra. 

Prevent them from Melting

The obvious problem that is held in candles is temperature. When the temperature is extremely high, it melts the candles, causing your pillars and votive to wrap. Otherwise, you can freeze the candles ahead of shipment but it may cause the wax to crack sometimes. The best option is freezing but still if you are willing to do the freezing process, consider candles with frozen gel packs 

That way, candles remain cool the sorting facility for a long period. On the other hand, you can also offer delivery tracking. That way, your customers keep updated on the time of delivery. All you have to do is make sure that your candles don’t sit in the box beneath the sun for a long time.

Final thoughts

Now you understand how to pack the candles correctly. If you take care of these things, your candles will never lose their worth. Customers will get a memorable unboxing experience if you properly deliver the candles. All you have to do is to focus on protecting your candles, choose the correct box for packaging, prevent it from melting and present it well. 

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