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How to Tutor, and why is it worth doing it?

by oliviaanderson
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It is worth considering tutoring when looking for a quick and relatively simple way to make extra money for the home budget. At least in my case, it was one of the first options that came to my mind in an emergency. Can anyone Tutor?

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Why is tutoring a good idea?

If you’ve read my story, you may remember that after quitting my job, I needed a simple way to generate extra income. I had a few ideas, but most of them required preparing something and investing money or time. The idea of O-level home tutors in Lahore was very nice. Assuming you have some knowledge and skills, you can start almost immediately. Tutoring is an occupation with a shallow entry threshold. Just think about how you can help people, post a few ads and wait for the first applications.

Great flexibility

Giving tutoring is a working model similar to being a freelancer. You have a lot of freedom about what services you offer, what clients you will cooperate with, and what earnings you will expect. If you do not have a permanent job, you can gain an additional advantage in terms of time flexibility. I adjusted the time to practice with every client, which meant many requests ended with a meeting and giving lessons. Giving tutoring could be a base in my calendar around which I was planning my daily schedule, and it was not a problem for me.

No risk

Compared to other businesses, tutoring is virtually risk-free. When you help someone study or prepare for an exam, you do not take responsibility for its results. How someone uses your help still depends 100% on him and his work. Of course, the tutor is morally obliged to do everything possible to help the student. However, this obligation cannot be linked to the financial responsibility of the tutor. This makes the entire education industry an ideal business in this regard.


Practicing tutoring, I have always received payment for the work done. In case of suspicion of non-payment, you can consistently offer to settle in advance, but this is the first time I have used this method. In the worst-case scenario, the loss should not be more than the fee for one meeting. No one would put their reputation at such a significant risk to save a few dozen zlotys. There are much better ways to cheat than extort free tutoring.

Who can provide tutoring?

If you are suitable for this role or do not know how to tutor, answer the question of what you need…

Qualities of a good tutor

Of course, not everyone will be a good tutor. However, you already have a solid foundation if you are patient and communicative. The clarity in formulating thoughts and their precision will also be important, especially in science subjects. It is also essential to treat each person with respect and not make fun of their level of knowledge or skills. You are here to support such a person and help him in the place where he is. It’s not your job to ask questions like “Who taught you that?!” or “What did you do in elementary school?”. Accept things as they are. Do everything so that the student is treated with complete respect, feels taken care of, and wants to return to you.

Do I know enough?

YES – you can do enough. Nobody says you have to teach higher mathematics. Don’t be afraid that you don’t know, for example, how to tutor math! Indeed there is a topic that you can explain to your high school friend. You will also find a few subjects you could regularly help a middle school student with, not to mention elementary school. Imagine that you are doing homework with your child or explaining something to a friend who missed something in class. Can you? Of course, you can!

However, if you still have doubts, remember that asking a potential client what specific material he wants is not a crime. In the first telephone conversation, I often ask for an example list of tasks to be sent by e-mail. I get to know her, and I can only confirm that I can help such a person. This does not mean that you have to be able to solve all tasks “hooray.”

Sometimes you’ll have to remember something, type it into Google, or look it up on Wikipedia. With more complex issues, you will also need to sit down and learn something yourself first. It doesn’t hurt, and it’s not a disservice as long as you can convey it honestly. After all, you’ve had to learn everything you’re transmitting anyway. In this case, you’re with the material fresh, so that’s even better.

“They will laugh at me.”

Wondering whether and how to start tutoring, you are probably afraid that you will become too weak and only be ashamed. So what is the worst thing that can happen to you after posting an ad? Familiarizing yourself with the material, checking how much time it will cost you to prepare, and finally, politely refusing to help. I would be able to help with any possible task. Unfortunately, my preparation time for some functions would be at least several years, so I have to refuse such clients. Then I often answer something like:

  • “I am not an expert on this subject. I am unable to help.”
  • I would have to spend more time preparing, and I have a lot of other work. I do not help.”
  • “The material requires additional preparation from me. I can do that, but then the stakes would be….”

Is it embarrassing to send such a message to a potential customer? Not!

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How to tutor?

What should I teach?

First of all, consider what field you can start tutoring. If you have finished your studies or are in the process, remember which subject caused the minor problems. Or even better – what subject gave you the most situations, but you dealt with them? If you succeed, you will know how to A-level tutors in Lahore in this subject.

Students often need support before colloquiums, especially in the second half of the semester. If you can help them, you are already home. You need to target younger customers if you are younger or just starting your specialty. Prepare people for the final exam in your favorite subject. Are you still in high school and don’t know where to start? Take the weakest or junior high school students and younger ones under your wing.

Where and how to post an ad?

The second step is to set the rate and place ads. In the beginning, I advertised in several different places and advertising services. In practice, most clients came to me from only one source.

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