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Privacy Policy

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Who we are

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At News Strasbourg, we do everything we can to maintain high standards while addressing our readers’ privacy concerns. Website data and other related information is collected solely for the purpose of improving the user experience on our platform. Therefore, on this page, we explain all about the privacy policy of our website.

News Strasbourg Privacy Policy

Introduction to Our Privacy Policy 

The information we collect is based solely on the information that users provide about their activity patterns on our blogging platform. You should know that we collect this information to improve our online users’ experience on our site. We discuss looking at pages and articles relevant to your interests.

In addition, we actively offer services and products that may be of interest to our target audience. We also make sure that no one else has unauthorized access to the information we collect. Only our authorized persons can access the data collected to improve the structure of our site.

About the Information We Gather 

In order to provide News Strasbourg users with the best reading experience, we only collect data that can be used in any way on our website. However, the data collected by such third-party applications may be collected or provided directly by the user.

We believe that our users should be aware of the data we collect from them. Therefore, please note that the basic information we collect includes phone numbers, email addresses, names, contact information, GPS locations, information about Internet service providers, computer IP addresses, and operating system details, but is not limited to them.

Nature of the Collected Data 

As mentioned above, the data collected depends on the template you use on our website. This may include the number of pages viewed, ads or banners clicked, and products viewed.

The data we collect may be used for a variety of purposes that may indirectly benefit you. For example, the information collected may be used to improve the structure of the website or to redesign it to improve the user experience.

However, the purpose of the emails we collect is to keep you updated on trending topics and the latest blog posts and articles on our website. We may also notify you of various offers and promotions by email. This strategy improves services and products, thereby keeping the overall market activity.

About Cookies Collected 

News Strasbourg uses information collected by users’ web browsers (also known as cookies) to improve and maintain the website’s functionality. Collect log file data and click to see the overall browser experience. However, this method of data collection does not affect the anonymity of the readers.

You should note that we ask for your consent before we collect cookies. In addition, you can disable cookies through your browser settings or by using third-party tools. However, using such tools and ad blockers may impair your browsing experience on our platform.

About Third Parties 

Please note that News Strasbourg may collect advertisements or offers from third-party platforms whose privacy policies may differ from ours. Accordingly, we make no personal endorsement of the services or products offered under these Terms.

By agreeing to the Privacy Policy, we reserve the right to share the information you submit with third party platforms. However, we are not responsible for the unethical or offensive behavior of this third party.

Contact Us 

Applicants are kindly requested to take the time to read our Privacy Policy carefully. Please contact us at ackleyadam8@gmail.com if you have any unanswered relevant questions.