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Flowers that you should not offer on Special Gatherings

by oliviaanderson
Flowers that you should not offer on Special Gatherings

Flowers have been a symbol of beauty, love and appreciation since time immemorial. They are used to celebrate any special occasion too. If you have not given flowers for your loved ones in a very long time then you should definitely give it another try. Flowers are one of the many aspects of a special event. It defines the whole occasion and it is not excluded that you spend budget for this purpose. You don’t want to make a mistake with your choice of flower or any other decorative feature, so that’s why thoughtfully taking into account your own preferences is worthwhile. Here is a list of flowers that you should not offer on special occasions.


Tulips are a symbol of love and romance. They are also associated with the spring season and Easter. But tulips are also known to be poisonous if eaten in large quantities, so it is advised not to give them as gifts for special occasions. They are a very common flower and they are generally a good choice for any occasion. However, tulips do not last long as compared to other flowers. So if you have planned for a special event and you want to use tulips in your arrangements, then it is better to wait until the next year.


While carnations are beautiful and often popular in wedding bouquets, they may be one of the most common flowers in your everyday life. Carnations have a strong scent that can easily overpower other blooms in the bouquet, so consider replacing them with something more subtle like lilies or calla lilies instead! You can send carnations online with the help of online flower delivery and get a beautiful bouquet.

Orchid Blossoms:

Orchid blossoms are beautiful and delicate but they should also never be given as gifts because they symbolize death and decay, which is something that many people do not want associated with their loved ones’ special event or time period in life! If you’re giving an orchid blossom as a gift, make sure that you give it with care so as not to damage.


Chrysanthemums are another flower that can be given to someone even though you don’t like them or they don’t like you, but it will make them feel uncomfortable and they will probably think that you are trying to make an impression on them!

Casablanca Lilies:

The Casablanca lily, also known as the elephant’s ear or Chinese lantern, is a plant that grows in Asia, North America and Europe. Because of its shape, the name “Casablanca lily” has been given to this flower. It is not recommended to give this flower as an offering because it can cause vomiting and diarrhea when eaten by children or pets.


Daffodils have been used as symbols of renewal and springtime since the Middle Ages. This flower is also associated with religious ceremonies like Christmas and Easter because it was believed that after these celebrations, people would have better luck in their lives than before these events took place. However, it has been found out that daffodils can be poisonous if they are ingested by humans or animals.


Roses are one of the most popular flower choices because they look beautiful and also smell good. However, they do not last long and usually die within a few days after they are picked from their stems. You should also know that roses are considered as an aphrodisiac in many cultures across the world. So if you want to gift roses for any occasion, it would be better if you used a substitute for this flower instead of offering them at all! Order roses online and get them to your doorstep right away.

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Lilies are another type of flower that is often used for weddings and other special celebrations but they tend to die within a few days after being picked off their stems or being cut open so they do not last long at all!


Cacti are not only beautiful but also hardy. However, cacti die off quickly when exposed to too much moisture or lack of sunlight. So if you want to offer cacti at a special gathering, then it is best to wait until the next year when they will be more fresh and vibrant.

Last Few Words:

With the above guide, you will get to know the flowers not to be offered on certain occasions and why. Do not forget that getting a bouquet of flowers for your loved one is like sending a secret message that says I love you very much! So don’t get carried away by the colours and the shapes, always double check the meaning behind each flower and save yourself from any embarrassment & check new blog about JollyMax MLBB

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