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Proper Methods for Cleaning Your Sexual Devices

by News Strasbourg

Maintaining proper hygiene for your intimate accessories is of utmost importance. When you’ve finished using that rabbit vibrator or butt plug, don’t just give it a cursory wipe and stash it away until the next use. It requires a thorough and meticulous cleaning.

Why is this so crucial?

The reason lies in the fact that these sex toys are utilized within the body, in highly intimate areas. If they are not properly cleaned, they can become breeding grounds for a variety of harmful bacteria, lurking on the surface of your sexual devices. I’m not suggesting that neglecting to hygienically clean your sex toys will lead to dire consequences, but do you truly wish to risk anything from discomforting itches and skin irritations to more severe issues like cuts and significant internal or external damage? Especially in such sensitive regions? I assume the answer is a resounding no.

Furthermore, if you’re in a sexual relationship and engaging in activities with your partner, it becomes even more imperative to safeguard your sexual well-being by ensuring that your sex toys are meticulously cleaned every single time.

Now, the question arises: how can you ensure the proper cleanliness of your vibrators, dildos, male masturbators, anal toys, and other similar items?

Before immersing your sexual device in a basin of water or opting to rinse it while you’re in the shower, take a moment to review the accompanying instructions or packaging to ascertain its waterproof status. It’s worth noting that numerous sex toys are not fully waterproof; they might be labeled as water-resistant, with recommendations for cautious surface cleaning. In instances where the manufacturer’s description is somewhat lacking in clarity regarding waterproof capabilities, it’s advisable to err on the side of caution and assume that the item is not designed for submersion. Trust me, if a sex toy boasts waterproof functionality, this feature will be prominently highlighted as an appealing selling point, like inya rose toy.

When your sexual device boasts complete water resistance – a reason to celebrate indeed! My personal approach involves filling a basin with lukewarm water and incorporating a small amount of my trusty antibacterial hand soap to provide the toy with an initial thorough cleansing, effectively eliminating the majority of any lingering remnants from your intimate escapades. Additionally, I always maintain a reserved toothbrush alongside my collection of sex toys and related accessories, exclusively designated for the purpose of cleaning these items.

Once the cleansing process is complete, I proceed to gently pat dry the sex toy using a fresh, clean cloth. If you happen to possess a high-quality cleaner as part of your ‘intimate essentials’ arsenal, you have the option to allow the sex toy cleaner to naturally dry on the vibrator or dildo’s surface. The carefully designed formula guarantees thorough hygienic cleanliness, ensuring your toy remains safe for future use, regardless of whether it’s employed for its intended purpose or to induce pleasure.

Certain vintage formulations of sex toy cleansers retain their antibacterial qualities; however, they necessitate being applied to the sex toy’s surface and subsequently rinsed off with clear water after a duration ranging from 30 seconds to a minute. Following this, a thorough drying process can be conducted using a pristine cloth. It’s advisable to consult the instructions specific to your chosen sex toy cleanser to ensure proper usage.

For non-waterproof sex toys, the option of immersing them in a basin of water or bringing them into the shower to eliminate residual mess is naturally unavailable. In this scenario, a slightly damp cloth should be employed to meticulously cleanse the toy’s surface, taking care to prevent any moisture from infiltrating charging ports, battery compartments, or any seams present on the product. Following this initial wipe-down, it’s recommended to employ a high-quality antibacterial sex toy cleaner. Personally, I favor utilizing a cleanser that can be safely left to air-dry on the toy’s surface.

Joyful and sanitary escapades with your pleasure devices!

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